Like A Diva - Silver/ Brown/ Black color set



- It provides instant comfort even when wearing the highest of high heels. -Prevents feet from sliding forward
-Prevents formation of callus
-Reduces feet fatigue by absorbing shock
-Eliminates “toe scrunch” and “overhang”

Heel Wing

-It’s a multi-functional shoe cushion that eases friction between your heel and shoe, thus preventing blisters on your heels.
-Reduces friction between the heels and shoes
-Prevents blisters on your heels
-Keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes
-Helps with sizing and fit issues


- adds relief to sensitive ankles and heels and helps in preventing shoe/sandal straps from falling off or being too loose.
-Prevents blisters on your ankles and heels.
-Keeps straps from falling

● Various choices of color and design

Color available : Silver, Black and Brown

Life spent - 1 year of daily used
* Based on Individual case

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