Nursing Bottle Brush


Vegetable Nursing Bottle Brush

Features of the product

*Vegetable nursing feeding bottle brush is made from PBT nylon brush + silver Nano particles (in condition of 1m divided by one thousand million)

*Ag+ comes out from PBT Nylon so it helps to prevent breeding of bacterial.

*Smooth PBT nylon brush has excellent cleaning effect to even shoulder of bottle and bottom of bottle where the most difficult part to clean up is.

 *PBT brush is very elastic and smooth so can minimize the scratch of the surface of the feeding bottle.

*Nursing feeding brush has antibacterial function and deodorization function itself.

*Easier to dry after use rather than sponge type.

*Easy to store or hanging due to hole on the top of the brush.

*Non slip handle applied.


Wash the brush with clean water and dry it in shade after use.

Keep away from the children and not to use in Microwave, sterilizer or boiling water.

Discontinue using if brushes worn out. 


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